The Financial Papers Project Visits the Library of Congress

By Erica Cavanaugh January 23, 2015 Erica is a Research Assistant for the Financial Papers Project. The Financial Papers Project at the Papers of George Washington focuses on GW’s numerous account books, which illustrate the financial aspects of his everyday life. We have primarily worked with scanned digital images from […]

Transcription: Looking Back 200 Years

By Prajeeth Koyada January 10, 2015 Prajeeth is a first year chemistry major at the University of Virginia. He currently transcribes documents for the Financial Papers Project. Transcribing documents for the Papers of George Washington has been both an enlightening and mystifying experience. For every “Caleb Gibbs” I uncover, a multitude […]

New Financial Papers Project Video

December 4, 2014 Interested in learning more about the Financial Papers Project?  This video details the importance of studying George Washington and his detailed financial records, as well as the work happening now to create a digital resources for educators, students, historians, businesspeople, and those generally interested in the life […]

Where is Washington buried?

The Answer Is: Washington died at Mount Vernon in the late evening on December 14, 1799. On December 18 he was buried in the family vault at Mount Vernon.