Draft of the Federal Constitution, Report of Committee of Detail

On 23 July the Convention voted that “the proceedings of the Convention for the establishing of a Natl. Govt. (except the part relating to the Executive), be referred to a Committee to prepare & report a Constitution conformable thereto” (Madison’s Notes in Farrand, Records of the Federal Convention, 2:95). Not only did the part of the Constitution “relating to the Executive” not appear in the committee draft of the Constitution of 6 Aug., it and most of the provisions regarding the Senate as well as several other important sections of the Constitution did not receive final approval of the Convention until after GW and Jackson had discontinued entering the changes that were being made in the draft. This document is part of a series; more information can be found on the “George Washington and the Making of the Constitution” page. ¬†Original manuscript images of Washington’s copy of the Constitution with revisions at the National Archives.

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