Account Book 2, 1767-1775

GW’s account book – “Account Book 2, 1767-1775” (available online at the Library of Congress) – is compiled of copies of his business correspondence, invoices, and so forth. The original copies he wrote were sent to the merchants who were located within the American colonies, England, Ireland, and even Jamaica. Robert Cary and Co., a merchant company located in London, England, also sent GW a number of invoices detailing the costs of the goods which GW had requested from them. Below are a number of charts displaying different aspects of the information found solely within this account book.

The following illustrates where the documents GW wrote were being sent to (represented in blue) and being sent from (represented in red). The locations provided are states and countries, however GW did specify more specific locations (Williamsburg, Virginia; Charles County, Maryland; London, England). Unfortunately, a number of the documents do not provide information of the geographical location they were being sent to or from and so were not included.

As displayed above, GW recorded different types of documents, which he sent to numerous locations, within this account book. However, there is a large number of people that he sent the letters to. The concept map below displays the different people that were recorded in this account book who he sent the documents to. The people have been separated by location. If their letter was sent to the United States, then they have been grouped to the right and further separated by state, which is illustrated by the following colors: purple-Virginia, blue-New York, green-Maryland, teal-Florida, pink-Pennsylvania. Those individuals who were in another country have been grouped in the top left and further separated by their individual country, which is illustrated by the following colors: orange-England, red-Ireland, yellow-Jamica, and pink-Madeira. Those individuals whose location was not specified have been grouped together in the bottom left all in teal.

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