Revolutionary War Accounts, Vouchers, and Receipted Accounts 3, 1784

GW’s account book – “Revolutionary War Accounts, Vouchers, and Receipted Accounts 3, 1784” (manuscript available online at the Library of Congress) – records his expenses to and from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was traveling to attend a meeting of the Society of Cincinnati, a patriotic organization established in 1783. GW brought three servants and five horses on this trip and the group stopped at several taverns for food and lodging. These stops and expenses are detailed in a number of individual receipts found within the book.

The visualization below was built using Viseyes, and maps out GW’s route to Philadelphia, his return to Mount Vernon, and it includes a transcription of the overall expense pages from the account book. Web browsers that support this visualization include Safari, Chrome, and Internet Explorer.


second visualization, built with StoryMap JS, illustrates his trip to Philadelphia and simply allows for the information to be displayed in an alternative way.

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