National Endowment for the Humanities Grant Supports Three Washington Paper Projects

TOPICS: Project Updates

by Katie Lebert, Communications Assistant
August 4, 2015

As part of the 212 grants announced by the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) on July 28, the Washington Papers will receive $318,000 in outright funding to support three of their current projects.

Two of those projects include the publication of volumes for the remaining two uncompleted Papers of George Washington series: the Presidential and Revolutionary War papers. For the Presidential Series, the grant will allow for the publication of volumes 20 and 21, volumes that will cover the final years of Washington’s second term. Similarly, the grant will prepare volumes 25-30 of the Revolutionary War Series.

The funding will also support the completion of transcription for the financial papers of George Washington, a project that will create digital translations of Washington’s ledgers. In making these financial papers more accessible, the search engine will take viewers to the very line of where the searched item is mentioned.

Moving toward these goals, the Washington Papers remains grateful for the funding it continues to receive from the NEH, as well as from the federal matching program and private donors. For a full list of our current and past donors, click here.

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