With the wealth of materials detailing the life and legacy of the Washington family, these resources seek to help navigate readers towards the answers, insights, and items most useful for their needs.

  • George Washington Timeline: A chronology of significant moments in George Washington’s life.
  • Frequently Asked Questions: A collection of brief answers to common questions asked about George Washington, Martha Washington, and Mount Vernon.
  • Essays: A collection of essays providing deeper insight into the lives and era of the Washingtons, written by scholars who specialize in the study of the American Revolution and the Washington family.
  • Document Topics and Themes: A list of significant subjects, events, or correspondences and the related documents, often accompanied by commentary from our editors.
  • Educational Resources: An assembly of primary sources and lesson plans suitable for teaching students of various academic levels, with contents ranging from informational slides to questionnaire that seek to encourage interest in early American history.
  • Newsletter Archive: A documentation of our discoveries, achievements, and evolution.
  • Explore More Online: A selection of links to other sites with information useful for further research and inquiry, including details about George Washington’s frequently-visited locations, to extra classroom materials regarding Early American History.