Washington’s Revolutionary War Itinerary

Washington’s Revolutionary War Itinerary and the Location of His Headquarters, 1775-1783
The information in this chart largely comes from Appendix A of General Washington’s Headquarters, 1775-1783 by Dorothy Troth Muir. Please consult this source for further information.

1775 2-15 July 1775 Cambridge, Massachusetts Wadsworth House, home of Harvard President Samuel Langdon
15 July-4 April 1776 Cambridge, Massachusetts John Vassall’s House
1776 4 April Dedham, Massachusetts
5-7 April Providence, Rhode Island Stephen Hopkins’ House
8 April Norwich, Connecticut Leffingwell Inn (still standing), Jedidiah Huntington’s House
9 April New London, Connecticut Nathaniel Shaw’s Mansion
10 April Old Lyme, Connecticut John McCurdy’s House
11 April Fairfield, Connecticut Samuel Penfield’s Tavern
12 April Westchester County, New York Guion’s Tavern
13-16 April New York City William Smith’s
17 April-22 May New York, New York Abraham Mortier’s
22-23 May On Road south through New Jersey, with a stop at Princeton
23 May-4 June Philadelphia
5 June New Brunswick, New Jersey Minnie Van Voorhee’s Tavern
6 June-27 August New York City Abraham Mortier’s
28-30 August Brooklyn Heights, Long Island, New York
30 August-14 Sept. New York City Abraham Mortier’s or Mott’s Tavern & Robert Murray’s
15 Sept.-20 October Harlem Heights, New York Roger Morris’s Mansion (Morris-Jumel Mansion)
20-23 October Mile Square, Westchester County, New York Valentine’s Hill
23-28 October White Plains, New York Jacob Purdy’s House
28 October-10 November White Plains, New York Elijah Miller’s House
11 November Peekskill, New York
13-18 November Fort Lee, New Jersey
18-21 November Hackensack, New Jersey Peter Zabriskie’s
21-23 November Passaic, New Jersey
23-28 November Newark, New Jersey Eagle Tavern
29 November-2 December Brunswick, New Jersey
2 December Princeton, New Jersey
3-8 December Trenton, New Jersey
8-13 December Trenton Falls on the Delaware River, Bucks County, Pennsylvania Thomas Barclay’s Summerseat
14-24 December 10 miles above Trenton Falls, Bucks County, Pennsylvania William Keith’s House (destroyed by fire in the 1980s)
20-24 December Upper Wakefield Township, Pennsylvania William Keith’s
24 December Upper ford of the Delaware, Pennsylvania Thompson-Neely House
25-26 December Victory at Trenton, New Jersey
26-29 December Newtown, Pennsylvania Hannah Stewart (Mrs. John) Harris’
30 December Trenton, New Jersey John Barnes’ (loyalist)
1777 3 January Victory at Princeton, New Jersey
4-5 January Pluckamin, New Jersey
6 January-28 May Morristown, New Jersey Arnold’s Tavern
29 May-24 June Middlebrook, New Jersey
25 June Quibbletown, New Jersey H.P. Drake House
26 June-2 July Middlebrook, New Jersey
3 July Morristown, New Jersey
11 July Pompton, New Jersey Arent Schuyler’s house
13 July Pompton Plains, New Jersey Van Aulen’s
15 July Suffern’s Tavern, New York
20 July Smith’s Clove, New York
21-23 July 11 Miles in the Clove Galloway’s
23-24 July Ramapo, New Jersey
25 July Pompton Plains, New Jersey
26-27 July Near Morristown, New Jersey Mondevil’s House
28 July Flemington, New Jersey
31 July Coryell’s Ferry, New Jersey Holcombe House
1 August Chester, Pennsylvania
2-5 August Philadelphia Colo. Henry Hill’s at Roxboro on 4 August
6 August Germantown, Pennsylvania
7 August Schuylkill Falls, Pennsylvania
9 August Germantown, Pennsylvania
10-23 August Neshaminy Camp near Hartsville, Pennsylvania Moland House
23 August Germantown, Pennsylvania Stenton
25 August-5 Sept. Wilmington, Delaware 303 West Street
5 September New Port and Wilmington, Delaware
10 September Chadd’s ford, Pennsylvania Benjamin Ring’s House
11 September Battle of Brandywine, Pennsylvania Now Brandywine
Battlefield Park
12 September Derby, Pennsylvania
13 September Schuylkill Falls and Germantown, Pennsylvania Col. Henry Hill’s House
15 September Buck’s Tavern, Pennsylvania
16 September Near White Horse Tavern, Pennsylvania Randall Malin’s
17 September Yellow Springs & Pottsgrove, Pennsylvania Pottsgrove Manor/Red Lion Tavern
18 September Warwick Furnace, Pennsylvania
19 September Parker’s ford, Pennsylvania
21 September Pottsgrove, Pennsylvania Pottsgrove Manor
22 September Camp 28 miles from Philadelphia on Reading Road Mr. Kennedy’s House
22-25 September Camp 34 miles from Philadelphia on the Schuylkill William Artes’ House
26 September Pottsgrove & Yellow Springs, Pennsylvania Henry Keely’s
27-29 September Pennypacker’s Mill, Pennsylvania Pennypacker’s Mansion
30 Sept.-2 October Shippack, Pennsylvania Peter Wentz’s
4 October Pennypacker’s Mill, Pennsylvania
5 October Pennypacker’s Mill, Pennsylvania Pennypacker’s Mansion
6 October Pawlin’s Mill, Pennsylvania
9-15 October Towamencin, Pennsylvania Frederick Wampole’s
16-20 October Worcester, Pennsylvania Peter Wentz’s
21 October-2 November Whitemarsh, Pennsylvania Dawesfield (James Morris’ House)
4 November-11 December Whitemarsh, Pennsylvania Emlen House
12 December Swede’s ford, Pennsylvania
14-17 December Gulph Mill, Pennsylvania
19 December-18 June 1778 Valley Forge, Pennsylvania Deborah Hewe’s House
1778 20 June Doylestown, Pennsylvania
22 June Coryell’s Ferry, New Jersey Holcombe House
23 June Hopewell, New Jersey John Hunt’s
26 June Cranberry, New Jersey
27 June Englishtown, New Jersey
28 June Middlesex County, New Jersey
29 June Near Monmouth, New Jersey
3 July Brunswick, New Jersey
9 July Newark, New Jersey
10-14 July Paramus, New Jersey The Hermitage (Ms. Theodosia Prevost’s)
15-18 July Haverstraw, New York (visit to West Point on 16 July) Udny Hay’s
19 July 7 miles from King’s Ferry, New York Captain Drake’s Delavan House
20 July-16 September White Plains, New York Elijah Miller’s House/Reuben Wright’s Mill
17 September Fredericksburg, New York
1-8 October Fishkill, New York Brinkerhoff’s House
9 October-10 November Fredericksburg, New York
10 November Poughkeepsie, New York Glebe House
11-29 November Fredericksburg, New York
29 November-2 December Fishkill, New York
2-4 December Elizabethtown, New Jersey
6 December Paramus, New Jersey
11-21 December Middlebrook, New Jersey
23 December-3 February 1779 Philadelphia Guest of Henry Laurens
1779 5 February-4 June Middlebrook, New Jersey Wallace House
5 June Ringwood, New Jersey Robert Erskine’s Iron Works
7 June Smith’s Clove, New York Near the Tavern
15 June-20 July New Windsor, New York William Ellison’s
21 July-27 November West Point, New York Moore House
1 December-10 June 1780 Morristown, New Jersey Ford Mansion
1780 11 June-29 July Passaic County, New Jersey Dey Mansion
6 August Peekskill, New York
7 August Clarkstown, New York
8 August Orangetown, New York
19 August Vicinity of Fort Lee, New Jersey
25 August Vicinity of Hackensack, New Jersey Zabriskie’s at River Edge
31 August Near Fort Lee, New Jersey
3 September Englewood, New Jersey Liberty Pole Tavern
4-6 September Kendekemack, New Jersey
17 September New Bridge, New Jersey Joshua Hett Smith’s
20 September Hartford, Connecticut
23 September Litchfield, Connecticut Oliver Wolcott’s
24 September Fishkill, New York Wharton’s
25 September West Point, New York
28 September-6 October Tappan, New York De Windt House
8 October-27 November Passaic County, New Jersey Dey Mansion
28 November-2 March 1781 New Windsor, New York William Ellison’s
1781 6-13 March Newport, Rhode Island Vernon House
14-15 March Providence, Rhode Island Jabez Brown’s
20 March-18 May New Windsor, New York William Ellison’s
18 May 43 miles from Fishkill, New York Morgan’s Tavern
19-24 May Wethersfield, Connecticut Webb House
25 May-24 June New Windsor, New York William Ellison’s
24 June Peekskill, New York
1 July Valentine’s Hill, New York
6 July Dobb’s ferry, New York
18 July North end of York Island, New York
23 July York Island, New York Van Courtlandt Mansion
25 July-3 August near Dobb’s Ferry, New York
20 August Haverstraw, New York Udny Hay’s
21-23 August King’s Ferry, New York
24 August Haverstraw, New York
25 August King’s Ferry, New York
26 August Ramapo, New Jersey
27-28 August Chatham, New Jersey
29 August Brunswick & Trenton, New Jersey
31 August Philadelphia Robert Morris’s
8 September Baltimore Fountain Inn
9-12 September Mount Vernon 13 September
13 September Fredericksburg
14 September Williamsburg Wythe House
6-19 October Outside Yorktown
20 October-5 November Yorktown & Williamsburg
7 November Eltham, Virginia Burwell Bassett’s
12 November Fredericksburg
13-20 November Mount Vernon
26 November-23 March 1782 Philadelphia Benjamin Chew’s Town House
1782 1 April-August 1783 New Burgh, New York Hasbrouck House
1783 August-mid-November Rocky Hill, New Jersey Rockingham
20 November West Point, New York
22-23 November Harlem Heights, New York Blue Bell Tavern
24 November Harlem Heights, New York Day’s Tavern or Leggett’s Tavern
25 November New York City Bull’s Head Tavern
4 December Fraunces’ Tavern


Primarily from:
Muir, Dorothy Troth. General Washingtons Headquarters, 1775-1783. Troy, Ala.: Troy State University Press, 1977.

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  1. Per your “wpapers.virginia.edu/documents/revolutionary/itinerary/1783.html” and my contribution:
    August-mid-November Rocky Hill, New Jersey
    10 November Washington leaves Rockingham (Rocky Hill) for West Point
    11 November Because of snow, he goes to the De Wint House in Tappan (4th visit there) Leaves on the 14th.
    20 November West Point.
    Have always appreciated the note sent to me on helping out this page by providing you the notes on Tappan.
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