The Forthcoming Publication of Revolutionary War Series, Volume 26

TOPICS: Franco-American Relations, Revolutionary War, Rochambeau

by Benjamin L. Huggins and Adrina Garbooshian-Huggins

We are excited to announce that later this year, Revolutionary War Series, volume 26 of The Papers of George Washington will appear in print. This volume covers the period between May 13 and July 4, 1780. We were honored to work daily on General George Washington‘s papers and to learn more about the struggles he and his army faced in the late spring of 1780, including a mutiny in the Connecticut line and a severe shortage of provisions. As the introduction shows, despite these problems, hope was on the horizon, for Washington received word that Lieutenant General Rochambeau‘s army was sailing for the American coast. We present here an introduction to our volume that covers the principal themes appearing in the letters we edited.

We are proud of our work and recognize that it would not have been possible without our support for each other and the support and love of our families. They truly have known us, loved us, and believed in us. We were unable to add a dedication to the print volume, so we include it here:

This volume is dedicated to William Huggins, Sr., and to Sharon and Pete Parnagian, whose sincere love and support have always guided us and given us strength, and to Henry (1918-1972) and Alice (1922-2011) Parnagian, beloved grandparents. You will forever be in our hearts.

The Papers of George Washington: Revolutionary War Series,¬†volume 26 will be published by the University of Virginia Press in late 2018. To learn more about the volume in the meantime, read an interview with the editors or a summary of the volume’s events.