George Washington to Charles Carter, 14 Dec. 1787

This letter is part of a series; more information can be found on the “George Washington and the Making of the Constitution” page. Please also see related documents below. Original manuscript images of Washington’s letter to Carter at the Library of Congress: Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 | […]

List of George Washington’s Slaves, 1786

This list was entered by Washington on Saturday, February 18, 1786. The entire entry for that day is included in the digital version followed by the list of slaves, separated by farm location. Total numbers are listed at the end of the “Muddy Hole” list. To see detailed maps of […]

List of George Washington’s Slaves, 1799

The list of Mount Vernon slaves which GW drew up, probably some time in June 1799, included those slaves owned by him outright, those who were controlled by him as part of Martha Washington’s dowry, and a number who were rented by him in 1786 by contract with Mrs. Penelope […]

George Washington to Burwell Bassett, 23 May 1785

Washington was noncommittal when his nephew George Augustine Washington, eldest son of his brother Charles, decided to marry Frances (“Fanny”) Bassett, daughter of Martha Washington’s sister Anna Maria Dandridge and her husband Burwell Bassett. Washington explained his philosophy to the father of the bride in a letter dated 23 May […]

George Washington to Anthony Whitting

One of the most interesting documents in volume 11 of the Presidential Series is “Washington’s Plan for a Barn,” which was enclosed in this 28 October 1792 letter to his farm manager Anthony Whitting. “I have resolved to build a Barn & treading floor at Dogue Run Plantation, & to […]

George Washington to Robert Morris, 2 June 1784

The June 1784 correspondence between Washington and Robert Morris regards effective icehouse construction. GW requests details from Morris, who writes back on 15 June with information on the construction of and methodology behind the design of his icehouse. Washington later incorporated some of these ideas into his own icehouse at […]

George Washington’s Last Will and Testament

George Washington prepared his will alone, without, as he attested, any “professional character” being “consulted” or having “any Agency in the draught.” He dated the will, the work of many “leisure hours,” the “ninth day of July” in 1799, probably the date that he finished making the final copy. And […]

Lease of Mount Vernon

Lease between George Lee, Ann Lee (Lawrence Washington’s Widow), and George Washington.