William Washington to George Washington

The following letter, which will appear in a future volume of the Presidential Series, announces the death of Royal Gift, GW’s Spanish donkey. It’s the typed transcript without notes. For clarification, “farcy,” as defined by the Collegiate dictionary, refers to “cutaneous glanders”; the Oxford English Dictionary defines it as an […]

George Washington to Charles Carter, 14 Dec. 1787

This letter is part of a series; more information can be found on the “George Washington and the Making of the Constitution” page. Please also see related documents below. Original manuscript images of Washington’s letter to Carter at the Library of Congress: Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 | […]

George Washington to Anthony Whitting

One of the most interesting documents in volume 11 of the Presidential Series is “Washington’s Plan for a Barn,” which was enclosed in this 28 October 1792 letter to his farm manager Anthony Whitting. “I have resolved to build a Barn & treading floor at Dogue Run Plantation, & to […]

George Washington’s Last Will and Testament

George Washington prepared his will alone, without, as he attested, any “professional character” being “consulted” or having “any Agency in the draught.” He dated the will, the work of many “leisure hours,” the “ninth day of July” in 1799, probably the date that he finished making the final copy. And […]

Advertisement for Runaway Slaves in the Maryland Gazette

An advertisement in the Maryland Gazette of Annapolis placed by George Washington in hopes of locating runaway slaves from his Dogue River Farm. Advertisement includes detailed descriptions and the names of some of his slaves.