Major General Charles Lee to George Washington, 30 June 1778

Maj. Gen. Charles Lee ordered the retreat of his troops from an engagement with British forces on 28 June 1778, thereby precipitating a much larger battle with the British than was originally intended by the orders under which he was acting. Lee was rebuked in person by Washington on the […]

George Washington to Major General Charles Lee, 30 June 1778

Following the Battle of Monmouth on 28 June 1778, Washington received a letter from Maj. Gen. Charles Lee in which Lee claimed that Washington had unfairly accused him of disobeying orders during the course of the fighting that day. In that letter, Lee requested the chance to justify his actions […]

Continental Congress’ Reply to George Washington’s Resignation

Following his Resignation Address to the Continental Congress, Washington “advanced and delivered to the President his commission, with a copy of his address, and having resumed his place, the President [Thomas Mifflin] returned him the following answer,” which is a report in the writing of Delegate James McHenry of Maryland. […]

George Washington’s Resignation Address to the Continental Congress

On Saturday 20 December 1783 Washington wrote to the Continental Congress, notifying it of his arrival in Annapolis, Maryland, with the intention of “asking leave to resign the commission he has the honor of holding in their service, and desiring to know their pleasure in what manner it will be […]